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Animal House :

The use of healthy animals is crucial in the success of biological experiments. We have registered with the committee for purpose of control and supervision of experiments on animals (CPCSEA). We have an ideal animal facility area should consists of animal breeding area, animal receiving room, animal room, experimental room, feed storage room, cage sanitation, cleaning area, storage room, locker room, animal disposable are with facility for cold storage and incinerator. Laboratory animals used in pharmacy and medical colleges play a vital role in teaching/research as well as developing skills for diagnosis. Animal experiments give an insight to the students about the etiology, diagnosis, progression & methods of prevention of various diseases. A thorough knowledge of the biological characteristics and husbandry requirements of the species to be used is essential to ensure animal welfare. It is obligatory on the part of investigators/students to handle the animals gently, following the guidelines of ethical consideration for animal use. These guidelines provide the basic minimum provisions for animal care in medical pharmacy colleges using animals for teaching/research purposes and those where breeding of such animals is also undertaken. This guideline useful to ensure the welfare of the animals.

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