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Central Instrumentation Lab :

This lab is utilized for the instrumental methods of analysis of medicinal compounds and biological samples. The lab is equipped with the latest state of art analytical instruments, this laboratory assists the students to acquire hands-on-training on these instruments undertake practical training in pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry and assist research work. The central instrument facility is a state of art laboratory boasting. Its highly sophisticated instruments via HPLC with ultra high flow and elution systems, flame photometer, Fourier Transform-IR-Spectrophotometer (IR affinity, shimadzu), Double beam UV-visible spectrophotometer (UV-1800, Shimadzu), Abbe’s refractometer, Electrophoresis, HPLC, Digital colorimeter, Nephlo -Turbidimeter, polarimeter, PH, Meter, Conductivity meter, potentiometer, IR moisture balance, sonicator, digital balance and electronic singlepan- balance.

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